We’re Thankful For…

It’s been November for 2 weeks now (already?!), and Thanksgiving is only 10 days away (whaaaat?!). I know that I am not the first person to come up with the idea of saying something you’re thankful for each day of November, but we’re having a lot of fun with the way we are keeping up with ours.


We got this chalkboard/corkboard combo as a wedding gift, and it’s one of my favorite things that we got! We use it to hang our keys up and do a little bit of decorating. It had the same things on both the chalkboard and the corkboard for a while, but last month I decided to dress it up seasonally with some October/Fall notecards and “Happy October!” written on the chalkboard. I liked seeing it in its festive glory, so I decided to continue that into November. This month the “Gobble Gobble!” has been displayed as well as our “We’re thankful for…” cards.

Sam hadn’t gotten home from work to do his card when I took this picture.

Each day, Sam and I both have a card with the date pinned onto the board that we fill out before bed. The “We’re thankful for…” card stays on the board throughout the month. My only specifications for Sam were that he had to write big in a marker and draw a small picture to go with it! It has been so much fun drawing, writing, and thinking about the things we are thankful for each day. It has also been a lot of fun seeing Sam’s drawings 🙂

My mom has even done a few cards when we have been with her during this month as well. When it is time for the cards to come down the next morning, they go in our Family Memory Catalog behind the date for each day. That way we can look back years to come to see the things we were thankful for.


This would be so much fun for a big family with kids as well. I hope we have a corkboard full of notecards one day!

At the end of the month, I will write a post about how this cultivated a spirit of thankfulness in our home as well as some of my favorite notecards Sam and I made. Check back for that later!

How do you keep up with the things you’re thankful for? Comment on this post or e-mail me at openhandsopenhome@gmail.com to tell me what works for your family and how you incorporate thankfulness into your day! I would love to hear your ideas.

Author: Erin Roberts

Hi! I'm Erin. I'm a follower of Jesus, a wife to Sam, a mom to Henry, and a drinker of coffee. My hope is that you will kick off your shoes, get some coffee, and stay awhile. Visit me at openhandsopenhome.com.

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