Belong Tour 2016 Wrap-Up

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Belong Tour at the Infinite Energy Arena in Atlanta. One of my friends texted me asking if I wanted to go with her after she got some free tickets, and I couldn’t pass that up!

The Belong Tour was composed of women who are passionate about stories and vulnerability. The line-up included Shauna Niequist, Jen Hatmaker, Patsy Clairmont, Angela Davis, Nichole Nordeman, Sharon Irving, and the band After the Rescue. It was a beautiful weekend filled with laughter, a few tears, great stories, and Jesus.

Here, I’m going to include some one-liners and phrases that really caught my attention, so the bullet points below are either the words of one of the ladies mentioned above or a paraphrase of their words.

  • Story-telling is verbal hospitality.
  • When we’re attentive to those around us, it gives us the opportunity to make connections with others.
  • Stories connect us heart-to-heart.
  • There are things that are hard to talk about, and when we take those things into the dark, they flourish and grow their way into our identity.
  • The dark can hide the things that we don’t want others to see, but we only see the truth when we brings things to the light. And the truth will set us free.
  • We are like Russian nesting dolls, and the very smallest one is our “essential self,” who God created us to be before we bent to the expectations and affirmations of the world around us.
  • When we love our neighbors as ourselves, we are trying to provide for them the safety and security that we want/need for ourselves.
  • Sometimes, the light minimizes things that have grown large in the dark.
  • When we share our mistakes, our humanity, we make room for grace and closeness with one another.
  • When we begin to feel like we need space from ourselves, it is probably time to be still and silent.
  • We tend to live out of our history, regardless of whether we have claimed it or not.
  • Sometimes, when we grow out of our brokenness and into His grace and mercy, it can be painful for a season, but then the truth will set us free.
  • We were all created by God on purpose and with purpose.
  • No matter where or how we unleash our purpose, whether in a job or at home, IT ALL MATTERS.
  • Claim the gifts you have, not the ones you want. There is maturity in realizing what your individual lane is.
  • Champion other peoples’ lanes.
  • Be brave. Be faithful. Invest in your gifts. Take yourself seriously.
  • You are not in charge of outcomes, but you are in charge of your obedience.
  • God’s story is always a love story, a redemption story, a forgiveness story, and if you’ve made it a shame story, you may not have an accurate view of the Father.
  • There is nothing we can do to buy more of His love, and there is nothing we can do to squander His love away.
  • You do NOT have to hustle for your worth.
  • Let’s make room on our shelves for the things that matter.

These are just some of the wonderful things that I learned at the Belong Tour. It was such a blessing, and isn’t there just something about being surrounded by our sisters in Christ and opening our hearts to the Father?

Oh, and if you’re a mom and want to sob through a beautiful song about kids growing up, here you go:

Did you attend the Belong Tour? Have you read any of the speakers’ books or heard them speak before? What stood out to you?? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment or email me at


Author: Erin Roberts

Hi! I'm Erin. I'm a follower of Jesus, a wife to Sam, a mom to Henry, and a drinker of coffee. My hope is that you will kick off your shoes, get some coffee, and stay awhile. Visit me at

3 thoughts on “Belong Tour 2016 Wrap-Up”

  1. I’m so glad we got to go to this together! One thought that has stuck with me has been “You are not in charge of outcomes, but you are in charge of your obedience.” It’s too easy to forget, but we have a God who lovingly reminds us and guides us to the best for us.
    I love reading your blog, and I’m so thankful for our growing friendship!!


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