Motherhood Monday – Linda R.

It’s Monday again, mamas, and I am so excited about welcoming my mother-in-law, Linda, to the blog!! Yesterday, my sister-in-law, Sam’s older sister, Judith, turned 27, so Linda has officially been a mother for 27 years and 1 day!

Meet Linda

Linda (Henry’s Nana and Sam’s mom) is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my mother-in-law. She welcomed me right into the family when Sam and I were dating and engaged. I always felt welcomed, included, and loved when we would visit her in Decatur. She loves celebrating others and giving thoughtful gifts. I have absolutely loved getting to see her be a Nana to Henry and my nephew, Crosby.

Such a sweet picture from our wedding day! Taylor Dane Photography

The Interview

1. Explain your “motherhood journey.” Including your kid(s) and their age(s)

My children are Judith 26 and Sam 23. I was 23 when I became pregnant with Judith. I was on a weekend getaway and I felt nauseous on the golf course. My best friend said, “Are you pregnant?” I didn’t think so – I wasn’t really late – but I did miss my period – took a pregnancy test and yes, I was pregnant. I was on birth control and missed a few pills, like I had done many other months.  But it was such a blessing. My mom was sick with cancer and she was able to see Judith before she died. I know now the Lord had this all planned.

Two years later I was ready to add to our family – so I TRIED to get pregnant. It took a couple of months and I actually took the pregnancy test on my mom’s birthday. I will never forget that.

Little Judith and little Sam! Picture provided by Linda

2.What is the biggest lesson (or 2 or 3) that you’ve learned from being a mom?

I never knew I could love someone so much. It’s a lot of work, but very gratifying. The teen years are tough but you we survived. The sweetest thing now is watching my children be parents.

Nana got to come to Henry’s dedication at church!

3. Share one (or 2 or 3) funny or sweet stories that make it all worth it.

Just the other day I picked up a book I was reading and found where Judith wrote “I Love You, Mom” on one of the pages. It made my day. It reminded me of something my mother would do. I’ve tried hard to keep her memory and spirit alive for my children.

4.What do you think the biggest challenge of being a mom is?

Making good decisions that are best for them. You have about a million decisions to make a day and sometimes you make the wrong ones. It is very overwhelming.

Meeting her second grandson!

5. What’s something from your family growing up that you think affects your parenting or the way you raise your child(ren)?

My mom was very kind and giving. She always made us feel loved by doing things for us or giving us little gifts. I try to do that with my children.

6. If you knew someone who just found out they were pregnant with their first baby, what would be your two pieces of advice for them? A practical tip and a piece of wisdom.

Every baby is different. Listen to your doctor, but you know you baby.

Nana in her element


I loved reading these answers because I know that Linda lives each of these things out. When she says that her mom was kind and giving and that she tries to do that for her kids, she succeeds in that each time we see her. She always has little gifts for us and works hard to make sure we are comfortable and taken care of when we stay with her. Linda is coming to stay with us this weekend and into next week because Sam is having knee surgery, and we are so excited to see her!

Thank you so much for answering my questions, “Nana”! We love you so much, and we are so thankful for the way you love us and Henry.

What was your favorite thing that Linda said? Do you have a question you want the Motherhood Monday moms to answer? Comment on this post or e-mail me at Know a mom that needs some encouragement or can relate to Linda’s story? Send them a link to this post! The goal of these posts is to reach out, encourage, and empathize with moms all around.

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