Motherhood Monday – Ashleigh T.

I’ve known Ashleigh since the 5th grade, and becoming boy moms together has been so much fun! I can’t believe her sweet Turner is already a year old! In her answers, she is truthful and encouraging talking about her struggles and the lessons she has learned. Read more of her words of wisdom here.

thomas preview wm 9
“T” Family Pictures — Helena, AL — Spring 2017

The “V” Family

The “V” Family is one of our best family friends! Sam and Edgar were roommates in college, and since then, we have gone through a lot of similar seasons of life to them. Jessica even participated in Motherhood Monday because they also have a baby boy. When we visited them in Nashville, I got to take some family pictures of them. Check this post out for some sweet baby goodness!

Voltz family wm 4
The “V” Family — Nashville, TN — Spring 2017

Motherhood Monday – Special Edition

Part of our story is that Sam and I lived apart at the beginning of our marriage and the beginning of my pregnancy with Henry. One of my sweet friends from college, Hailey, is walking through a really similar season right now, so she asked me some questions for her blog. For a preview of the post and a link to the full interview, check this out.


Motherhood Monday – Andrea N.

Andrea is one of the closest friends I’ve made since moving to Atlanta. She and her husband have really welcomed us in and loved us while we have been here. Her girls are so sweet, and they love Henry. I cannot express enough how thankful we are for them! Her Motherhood Monday are answers are just what I thought they would be: wise, practical, and full of grace!  Check them out here.


The “ZZzzz” Family

When I met up with the ZZzzz family to take some pictures, we had the most beautiful weather and a great time! I’ve known this family for years, and it was a lot of fun to catch up. We talked all things movies, school, and life. They even got to hang out with Henry for a little while after our shoot, and they helped get all of our stuff back into the car. They are the sweetest family. Check out some of their pictures here!

ZZzzz family wm 2
“ZZzzz” Family — Birmingham, AL — Spring 2017


Taylor + Michael Engagement

Taylor and I worked so hard to avoid rain the first time we planned their engagement photo session, but we couldn’t escape. We pulled up and it was pouring! We rescheduled and had gorgeous weather for their photos. Taylor + Michael have so much fun together, and you can tell in their photos! Check them out here.

Taylor + Michael Engagement WM 6
Taylor + Michael Engagement — Birmingham, AL — Spring 2017

Motherhood Monday – Leigh H.

Motherhood Monday is back in full swing with my second guest since we took a little break. Leigh is a new friend with a knack for asking good, intentional questions and making others feel welcome. Her words of wisdom about control and the Lord’s provision for our children are so thoughtful. Read her answers to the questions here!


Randi – Senior Pictures

It is so crazy to me that another school year is about to come to an end. I guess that’s what happens when you’re out of school completely. I’ve known Randi since she was little, and it was so much fun to take some senior pictures of her and catch up. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next season of her life holds at the University of Alabama. Roll tide, Randi!

Randi Senior WM 3
Randi Senior Pictures — Montevallo, AL — Spring 2017

Abby + Tyler

It’s such a compliment when another photographer asks you to take pictures of them with their loved ones, so when Abby asked me to take some pictures of her and Tyler, her boyfriend, I was so flattered. She even showed me around one of her favorite places to do sessions. These two are so sweet to each other, and you can tell in their photos!

Abby + Tyler Couple WM 5
Abby + Tyler — Alabaster, AL — Spring 2017

Turner Turns One // “T” Family Pictures

Birthday and family pictures all in one?? My favorite thing ever. I loved getting to hang out with the “T” family to get some shots of them. We even got to do a smash cake, which was a first photography moment. Turner wasn’t actually a fan of getting messy, so he didn’t really like it. Either way, Turner and his parents were fun, and we got some great pictures.

thomas fam preview 12
“T” Family Pictures — Helena, AL — Spring 2017

What I’m Into (March 2017)

This is a link-up where we talk about what we’re into from the past month. In the March post, you will find book, podcast, and music recommendations. I also talk about a few of my favorite baby things and places we’ve eaten. Lastly, there are some life updates and pictures from this month. Check it all out here.

feast and forest

Motherhood Monday – Jessica V. 

After a bit of a break from Motherhood Monday, it is back up and running. Jessica is a sweet, wise, and generous mama to her baby boy, Nathan. While only being a mom for a short amount of time, she has wisdom to contribute and a sweet but hard story to share. Don’t miss this one!


Tony – Senior Pictures

I got to second shoot with my mom for Tony’s senior pictures. Our families have been friends for years, so it was fun to catch up with him and his parents. He was so good about doing all the poses we asked him to do and smiling through it all! Good luck at Troy University, Tony! Check out some of the pictures here.

Tony Senior wm 10
Tony Senior — Birmingham, AL — Spring 2017

Lexie Turns 6 Months Old!

I met Lexie and her parents at the park, and we took some really cute pictures of her. She was such a good sport and smiled at her parents the whole time. I really enjoyed her sweet little personality. Her parents even got in some of the pictures too. I’m looking forward to taking this sweet baby’s one-year pictures!

Lexie 6 month 2 wm
Lexie Six-Month Pictures — Birmingham, AL — Spring 2017

Stevey – Graduation Portraits

Stevey and I met at Girls’ State the summer after we were juniors in high school, and we’ve kept up on social media since then. It was fun to catch up and take some pictures of her for her upcoming college graduation! We even added her little sister into some of the pictures, and we caught the sunset perfectly. Check them out here.

Stevey Graduation preview wm
Stevey Graduation — Montevallo, AL — Spring 2017

Brittany + Trey Pregnancy Announcement

Brittany and Trey are some of the sweetest people, and I know they are going to be awesome parents. I was so excited when they told our small group at church that they were pregnant and even more excited when they asked me to take some pregnancy announcement pictures for them. They involve balloons, the place Trey proposed to Brittany, and the sweetest future parents. Check them out here!

Griffy Pregnancy Announcement wm 6
Brittany + Trey Pregnancy Announcement — Stone Mountain, GA — Spring 2017

 Melissa + Andy (+ Stewart)

Sam and I have loved getting to know Melissa and Andy since we moved over to the Atlanta area. They are even our neighbors now, which is so fun. I loved getting to take some pictures of them and their chocolate lab, Stewart. We wrangled Henry and Stewart while taking their pictures, and they turned out great!

Melissa + Andy Couple WM 4
Melissa + Andy — Lilburn, GA — Winter 2016/2017

Oliver Turns One // Birthday Pictures

Birthday pictures  are slowly but surely becoming some of my favorite ones to take. Maybe because I love celebrating things, the large and small. Oliver turned one, and I met up with him and his sweet mom, Mindy, to take some shots of him. He was absolutely precious with his wobbly walk and sweet smile. Check out some of the pictures here.

Oliver 1 year WM 10
Oliver Birthday Pictures — Helena, AL — Winter 2016/2017

The “W” Family

I had a blast taking family pictures of the “W” family. It was chaotic, crazy, and fun. We laughed, cried, ran, jumped, and explored all afternoon and got some great shots of everybody. It was such a joy to take some pictures for them!

W family WM 3
The “W” Family — Winter 2016/2017

Jordan + Andrew Maternity

When Jordan and I finally found a date to take their maternity pictures, the weather ended up being so nice! We spent the morning swapping pregnancy stories and taking sweet pictures of the time before their sweet baby boy arrives. I know they can’t wait to meet him!

Jordan + Andrew Maternity 5 WM
Jordan + Andrew Maternity — Alabaster, AL — Winter 2016/2017

Hannah + Will Couple

Will is my younger brother, and Hannah is his long-time girlfriend. When they came to visit us, I took them out to scout a photography location and took some couple pictures of them. They are so easy to photograph, and we had a great time. Check out some of the pictures here.

Hannah + Will Couple 1 WM
Hannah + Will Couple — Lawrenceville, GA — Winter 2016/2017

Sofia’s Birthday Pictures + A Surprise

I met up with Sofia and her mom to take some birthday pictures for Sofia’s third birthday. We went to her favorite park and even set up her Beauty and the Beast tea set and some flowers. Sofia is sweet and sassy, and you can see her little personality shine through in her pictures. There’s also a surprise at the end of the photos that you won’t want to miss!

Sofia 3 year WM 3
Sofia — 3-year-old Birthday — Snellville, GA

Anna Maria Headshots

Anna Maria and I grew up together because we were neighbors. Now, she is still her loving, kind self, and she is living her dream of being an actress. In order to audition for parts, she needed some headshots, so she reached out to me to get some taken. I loved catching up with her and taking her pictures! Check out some of them here.

Anna Maria Mollica Headshot 4 WM
Anna Maria Headshots — Alabaster, AL — Winter 2016/2017

The “S” Family

I met the “S” family at a park in Atlanta, and we had a fun family photo session. Their kiddos have the prettiest blue eyes, and I loved being able to capture how much they love each other. Check them out here.

S Family 3 WM
“S” Family — Atlanta, GA — Winter 2016/2017

Cari + Luis Lifestyle Maternity

Nothing is worse that rain getting in the way of an outdoor photo session, but Cari and Luis didn’t let that stop them. They welcomed me into their home for a cozy, lifestyle maternity session. Check out how sweet and cozy it was!

Cari + Luis Lifestyle Maternity 8 WM
Cari + Luis — Alabaster, AL — Winter 2016/2017

Maci + Aaron Engagement

At the end of 2016, I got to take my best friend’s engagement pictures in Birmingham. They are some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken so far. It is so much fun to see your best friend getting ready to marry the man of her dreams. Check out some of their pictures here.

Maci + Aaron Engagement WM 13
Maci + Aaron Engagement — Birmingham, AL — Winter 2016/2017

January + February Reading Round-Up

I made a goal of reading 50 books this year, and I have hit the 10 mark. Check out the first 10 books I read this year here.

Motherhood Monday: Linda R.

Linda is my mother-in-law, and she is the most servant-hearted, thoughtful person I’ve ever met. I have loved getting to see her be a Nana to Henry, and I am so thankful for the way that she welcomed me right into the family.


Motherhood Monday: Erika Z.

Erika is supermom, that is the only way I know how to describe her. She does so much for the community she is part of, while being a fun-loving, 5k running, PTO leading mama. Read her words of wisdom here!


Motherhood Monday: Kim R. 

Kim is someone that I met after Sam and I moved over to Georgia. She and her husband have been a couple that we have looked up to because they lead their family in a way that directly shows their values. We have learned so much from them as a couple, so I know that  you want to learn as much as you can from Kim here.


Motherhood Monday: Ashley C.

Ashley is Sam’s cousin, and she is so sweet! Her motherhood story and belief in the Lord’s faithfulness through it all is precious. You want to read all about it, I promise. Check it out here.



Motherhood Monday: Judith P.

Judith is my sister-in-law, and we became mamas about 8 weeks apart! It has been so much fun to see Crosby and Henry grow and change over their first several months on earth. Even more sweet has been seeing how much Judith loves sweet Crosby. Read all about her heart here!


Motherhood Monday: Allison

I met Allison and her sweet family after Sam and I moved over to Georgia. She has 3 precious kiddos, and our families have become close friends by having dinner together with 2 other families every other week (which includes 8 kids under 5, 4 of them being under 1). It is crazy and so much fun, but more than anything, I have enjoyed getting to know and learning from each of the mama’s there. Allison has such a special way of loving her kiddos, and I’ve loved learning more and more about that. Check out her interview here!


Motherhood Monday: Becca J.

Becca and I met while I was in college. Her husband was one of the associate college pastor’s for my college ministry (and performed mine and Sam’s wedding ceremony). She was always someone I looked up to, and now she is a mama to sweet Thomas!! She has many words of wisdom that you don’t want to miss out on.


Motherhood Monday: Sara B.

Sara and I went to high school together, and since then I have gotten to see her transform into the sweetest mom to her son! She has a beautiful motherhood story, a sweet heart, and a trust in the Lord that is inspiring. You don’t want to miss her Motherhood Monday interview!!


Motherhood Monday: Cindy H. (My Mom!)

2017 brought Motherhood Monday to Open Hands, Open Home. Every Monday a new mom will be interviewed, and they will share some of the words of wisdom they have learned during their motherhood journey. To kick off this new series, I welcomed my mom to the blog to talk about being a mom and all that means to her.


Henry’s First Christmas Photoshoot

In 2017, Open Hands, Open Home Photography will officially be up and running! Henry’s first Christmas was a great, first opportunity to use my new to me camera and practice shooting in manual and editing RAW images. Check out some of the pictures here.



Mini Home Tour + Christmas Decorations

December has been crazy, but our rental house is starting to look and feel like a home. Check out my favorite corners of our new space and some of our Christmas decorations this year.


Top 16 Books of 2016

Check out my favorite 16 books that I read this year. There are historical fiction, YA novels, and a few memoirs on my list.

What I’m Into (November 2016)

Get a look at all the things I was into this month, including books, TV shows, baby stuff, and food/drinks. This is a monthly link-up with Leigh Kramer.


Goodbye November

Read here as I wrap up our month of giving thanks for something and displaying it each day. We’ve created a new family tradition! Close ups of mine and Sam’s drawings are included.



“The rain is such a beautiful picture of the way the Lord cleanses us and makes us new.” Check out my thoughts on the rain and what Jesus taught me about my thirsty heart, along with a shout-out to C.S. Lewis and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.


Belong Tour 2016 Wrap-Up

The Belong Tour 2016 had speakers like Jen Hatmaker and Shauna Niequist. It was a time of championing stories and vulnerability. Take a look at some of my favorite one-liners and phrases from the conference.

I’m a bit of a note-taker.

A Picture of the Gospel

Adoption is a picture of the gospel. Jesus chose the cross and crucifixion, so that we could be adopted into the family of God, the family that our sin had separated us from. Read more about my heart towards adoption and what that looks like right now.


November Reads

Check out what I’m reading this month and how to find other book recommendations.

We’re Thankful For…

In the month of November, we are keeping up with the things we are thankful for and displaying them to remind us. Take a look at what is working for our family in order to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness this month.



ATL to Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA in 60 Hours

We turned one of Sam’s business trips into a quick family getaway. Read about how we spent our time, things we saw, and all the yummy food we ate.



Family Memory Catalog

We love taking pictures in our household (okay, maybe that’s just me), but we never had anything to do with them. Read more about a family project we are using to keep up with memories and pictures!


An Abandoned Blog Post

I finally published the blog post I have revisited three times in 18 months. Read more about what I’ve learned from being engaged, married, and finding out I was going to have Henry. In conclusion, the Lord has provided immeasurably more for us than we could have ever planned for, and we are so thankful.

Kristi Callies Photography